How to Regrow Hair 

Growing new hair is like growing a small plant from its seedlings. I have compared your hair growth to a new budding plant that grows just to make you understand better. As the plant needs proper soil, water, sunlight, optimal temperature, food(fertilizer) so does your hair. Unless you take care of all these factors you cannot stop hair fall, hair thinning nor you can regrow hair. A good scalp is the most important aspect of your hair growth and hair texture. The scalp is like the soil for hair growth. Your hair grows on the scalp and scalp is the first thing that you need to take care of for your hair to grow. If you can reestablish the below ideal scalp conditions and take enough nutrition then you can see new hair grows growing in weeks time and you will have a head full of hair. 

Hair Growth  Vs Plant Growth

Ideal conditions for hair regrowth:

Scalp Flexibility:

An Ideal scalp condition is the most important thing for hair regrowth and baldness cure. Your scalp needs to be loose and flexible. Bald or balding people tend to have a tight scalp which constricts the blood vessels underneath the scalp and chokes proper blood supply to the hair root. All nutrients and oxygen to the hair root are supplied through the blood. Just like your budding new plant needs porous and loose topsoil to grow out of its seedling your scalp also needs to be loose and flexible grow new hair. As you take more stress the scalp becomes tight which constricts the blood vessels underneath the scalp to choke of the blood supply. There is a direct correlation between stress and your scalp flexibility. There is a way to loosen your tight scalp and dilate the blood vessels that carry blood to the hair roots. The trick is demonstrated in the eBook.

Scalp Temperature:

There something called "scalp temperature" which most of them would not know. The scalp temperature should be cool at all time for new hair to grow. It's just like how a budding plant needs an ideal temperature to grow. Many of the scalps would be hot due to overthinking. You can place your palm on the front crown of your bald head and easily feel the heat. So your scalp temperature needs to be normalized and kept cool at all time during the period of new hair growth.

Scalp pH:

pH is a scale that is used by the chemists to determine acidity or alkalinity. The natural pH of the scalp is slightly acidic or sometimes the surface of the skin or scalp is referred to as acid mantle. Too much acidic or too much alkaline scalp conditions do not promote hair regrowth. With the kind of chemicals and shampoos, you would have used over the years definitely would have made your scalp too acidic or too alkaline. You need to get back you scalp pH to the slightly acidic state to regrow hair. Any harsh chemicals or shampoos can easily get your scalp pH out of balance.   


Sebum Secretion:

Some people suffer from excess sebum(oil) secretion. When there is excess stress your scalp tends to release extra oily substance called sebum. It just a protective mechanism of preventing hair shaft form damage. As stress increases more and more there is more sebum secretion which leads to hair fall. The excess secreted sebum tends to block the blood from reaching your hair root inside the scalp. It also blocks the pores on the outer layer of the scalp which prevents the fine hair from regrowing. If you notice most bald heads would look shiny. The shininess is a crust sought of a layer formed by the combination of Sebum, Dust and dead cells. You first need to get rid of the crust sought a layer to grow hair on a bald head. You need to Stop excess sebum secretion to promote new hair growth. There is a  simple solution to stop excess Sebum and remove the shininess on the bald. Know it now by referring to the eBook.  


DHT (male hormone) plays a vital role in hair loss in men. More men tend to have excess DHT in the bloodstream due to an increased level of sexual activities like masturbation. The DHT settles in the hair roots and chokes the hair root of vital blood supply and obviously nutrients do not reach to your hair root if the blood supply is cut off. Its worthwhile to remember that all nutrients and the much-needed oxygen to the hair root are supplied through the blood. You need to remove the trapped DHT which has settled under the hair root to regrow hair. A proper and correct scalp stimulation is what is required. Know how to stimulate your scalp by referring to the eBook.

Blood Vessels:

The blood vessels look constricted for people who are bald, balding and experiencing hair thinning. The blood vessel constriction or contraction is due to a tight scalp. A constricted blood vessel cannot carry enough blood the hair root and obviously nutrients do not reach the hair roots no matter how much nutrients you take orally through the food that you eat. The blood vessels underneath the scalp need to be dilated or restored back to its original condition to regulate proper blood supply to your hair root. Proper and correct scalp stimulation is required to restore the blood supply. Refer to the eBook on how to stimulate your scalp and restore the blood supply.

Hair loss in Women

The internet is searched all over the place with the phrase "thinning hair women" and tons of content is found on the internet with so-called solutions for hair loss in women and women have tried all solutions with all efforts in vain and write to me. 70% of people who email me regarding hair loss problems are women who were just the opposite of what it was 5 years ago when it was 70% men. The Good news in women's hair loss is that it's very easier to regrow hair on women's scalp compared to men. The female hormone is not such a big factor compared to the DHT in men. In men balding can start as early as at the age of around 20 whereas in women it starts around the age of  30. If you look at women's hairloss it would be on the crown and the front portion of the head. The hair sides will be pretty much ok whereas men can go bald on the sides as well as at the back of their head.

Some of the common causes of female pattern baldness are

  • Prolonged emotional stress

  • Thyroid abnormalities,

  • Hair coloring and straightening

  • Postpartum Hormonal changes (Temporary)

  • Rapid weight loss from dieting

  • Using Harsh chemicals and shampoos

So in order to grow your lost hair back, you need to get the much-needed blood and oxygen to the scalp to the hair root. Remember all nutrients  and much needed oxygen to the hair root is supplied through the blood that hits the hair roots through blood vessels or the pipelines. If there is no blood flow to the roots then the nutrients cannot reach the hair either no matter how much nutrients you intake on a daily basis. In some cases, there is excess Sebum(oil) generated and tend to block the blood supply to the Hair root. Many women have tight scalp due to stress which constricts the blood vessels in the scalp that leads up to the hair root and eventually the blood supply is choked off. In order to stop hair fall and regrow a new bunch of hair, you need to start again and reestablish the scalp parameters like Scalp flexibility, Scalp pH, Scalp Temperature and sebum conditions which are optimal for hair growth. The scalp is the ground on which your hair grows. If you can achieve these optimal scalp parameters not only there would be new hair growth but also you can see that your existing hair also growing faster, thicker, you can get to see bouncy hair. This treatment is not only for women who have lost hair but also Women who want bouncy and long hair. Refer to my eBook if you want a head full of strong, thick, long and bouncy hair.

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